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Light Mage Spells

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Light Mage Spells

Post  John Kenning on Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:14 pm

Scarzana - A ball of holy magic that can be hurled at evil, burning it on contact.

Scaranna - An all out blast of holy magic that acts alot like a bomb, burning dark energy.

Denefego - A skin of magic wraps around the casters body protecting it from critical strikes. Lessening damage done to the user.

Firan - A blast of fire coming from the hands more like a stream of fire than a ball of fire.

Cauza - Heats the hand to a high degree, then with that hand you press it to a wound, cauterising the wound.

Belazi - A spell to increase healing speeds of a wound.

Levato - A spell allowing the user to float in the air and levitate for a short period of time.

Mezaza - A spell allowing the user to move objects by pointing.


Sapanga - Plants the Rangers feet into the ground to draw energy from the earth.

Tumeh - Tame a wild animal to your will.

Tangallo - Order trees and vines to your will.

Wraptara - A spell to create a small gust.


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